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Questhelper 1.12.1

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Hello, I don't know lua but I am trying to fiddle with it, maybe I can fix it, if there are any gurus in lua outthere can I have your help please ? :)

For example,

I have this

[code] for i=1, select("#", ...) do if type(value) == select(i, ...) then return end end [/code]
which is abviously a loop with a select which has an undefined number of arguments, it all looks good to me, but wow says there is an error before the "..."

I think a lot of people would appreciate if someone would convert the questhelper to 1.12.1 or at least help me understand lua a little better (the version that wow used when it was 1.12.1)

Hey, thanks for reading, I really hope there are some of you that know this scripting language!

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