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[Mega Tutorial] Setting up your server with an ac-web repack. (Ascent) -By Clain

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This tutorial is by Clain of AC-Web.

Heres a guide that should answer over half the questions on ac-web. Im going to show you everything you need to know about private servers sort of. I take all credits on this guide.

Programs needed.
A database manager - Navicat, SQlyog, or Heidisql
An ac-web repack of course lol
A program such as Winar to view .rar files.

I. Installation and Setting up your server
II. The database
III. Going Public
IV. Website
V. Support
VI. Extras

I. Installation and Setting up your server

1. Before any of this download the lastest repack in the downloads section.
2. Run the program you downloaded, select to download it it your C: drive or which ever drive you use.
3. Let it extract until it is finished. Now we shall set your server up.
4. Open the folder called Ac Web Ultimate Repack and open "Map extractor enUS"
5. Extract ad.exe and the maps folder to your WoW directory (The default is C:/Program files/World of warcraft/)
6.Let that finish making the maps, once it is complete extract the maps folder into your ascent folder (C:/Ac Web Ultimate Repack/Ascent/)
7. Open your ascent folder and open the file called Ascent.conf with a program such as notepad.
8. Find this part

[code]<Rates Health="1"      Power1="1"      Power2="1"      Power3="1"      QuestReputation="10"      KillReputation="10"      Honor="6"      PvPTimer="300000"      Compression="1"      XP="100"      QuestXP="150"      RestXP="10"      DropGrey="1"      DropWhite="1"      DropGreen="10"      DropBlue="10"      DropPurple="10"      DropOrange="1"      DropArtifact="1"      DropMoney="1"      Save="300000"      SkillChance="100"      SkillRate="100"      ArenaMultiplier2x="1"      ArenaMultiplier3x="1"      ArenaMultiplier5x="1">[/code]

Edit this to whatever your heart desires ^^. Pretty self explanitory if you read the parts above it.
9. Close ascent.conf now, and open logon.conf.
10. Find

[code]<Client MinBuild = "6739"         MaxBuild = "7561">[/code]

and change it to

[code]<Client MinBuild = "1"         MaxBuild = "9999">[/code]

11. Close logon.conf and open realms.conf
12. Find this part,

[code]<Realm1 Name = "Ac-Web Ultimate Repack"         Address = ""         Icon = "PVP"         Colour = "1"         Population = "1.0"         TimeZone = "1">[/code]

Change the name of the server to whatever you want. and leave the address as for now.
13. Start control panel, If you get an error when you start it, then you have to open the programs manually.
14. On control panel, click on server and then click on mysql and apache. It brings up 2 cmd windows, after that click on Ascent and click on logon and ascent.
15. To do it manually, open the folder server and start mysql and apache, then open the folder ascent and click no logonserver and ascent. Realmserver is not required to run.
16. Your server is now up, set your realmlist as logon with admin admin. for commands do .commands. Time to learn about the database.

The Database

1. At the beginning you should've downloaded a program like navicat, heidisql, or sqlyog. Open it up.
2. Run the program mysql if it is not already running.
3. Click on new connection. Enter root as the username, ascent as the password. and click ok.
4. Double click on the new connection you made and it brings up "Databases" like ascent. logon, mysql, phpmyadmin, joomala, etc.
5. Double click on the one called logon. It brings up "tables" like accounts, account_data, etc.
6. Double click on the table called accounts and there is one row in there. Its the account you logged on with. Edit the info in it to the username and password you want.
7. Then, click save and exit the window. Now open your ascent database.
8. You can do so many things in this database, for example, custom items, npcs, Go's, quests, waypoints, portals, graveyards.
9. There is no need to do anything in this database, this part is just to understand it better, so keep reading .
10. The creature tables are for creatures (duh), items contains items, worldmap_info contains info for maps, quests contain quests, playercreate tables contain info on how the player will start, how many spells they have, what they look like, etc. Recalls contain recall information,gameobject tables have info for go objects, spawns, quests by go, etc. banned_names hold names that are banned, banned_phrases holds phrases that cannot be said.
11. You can make numerous edits to pretty much anything that isn't clientside. Now you know the BASICS of the ascent database. Lets make your server public!

Going Public

1. Go to dnsdojo.com and signup for an account. Besure to activate it via email. It brings you to your account summary page, look uder the tab thingy my services and click add hosts. Fill out the info, check the box for wildcard, for the ip click on use auto detected ip.
2. Click on and now you have your dns. Go to run (if your on xp) and type C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts and if your on vista search for C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts. It should look like this.

[code]# Copyright (c) 1993-2006 Microsoft Corp. # # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows. # # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name. # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one # space. # # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual # lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol. # # For example: # #   rhino.acme.com          # source server #   x.acme.com              # x client host[/code]

Delete the, and put your external ip there, then enter the dns you just made after it (put a space between em though)
3. Save and close it.
4. Now you need to connect to your router, if you dont have one skip this part. and continue to step 8.
5. Well to connect to it, open your internet browser and type in your internal ip. To find your internal ip, open cmd and type in ipconfig and look for a number like or something like that and type it into your browser.
6. it tells you to enter the username and password, its usually admin admin unless someone changed it.
7. Go to the port forwarding section and forward the following ports on tcp and udp. For the ip it tells you to enter, put the ip you connected to the router with.

[code]8129 8093 3724 3727 (optional, voicechat... I doubt you wanna hear other peoples voices) 80 (thats your webserver port, some isps block it for security =/)[/code]

8. Now go to your realms.conf file and go to the realm section. It looks like

[code]<Realm1 Name = "<your server name>"         Address = ""         Icon = "PVP"         Colour = "1"         Population = "1.0"         TimeZone = "1">[/code]

Change to your external ip. go to whatsmyip.org to get it.
9. Your server is public now, you might need to turn your firewalls of if you get any blocks.

The Website

1. To connect to your website type in http://localhost/ to get to your website. But im going to show you how to make it public.
2. Go to C:/Ac Web Ultimate Repack/Server/Htdocs/configuration and find

[code]$mosConfig_live_site = 'http://localhost';[/code]

and change it to http://YOurdns.example.com
3. Save and exit out of that and go to C:/Ac Web ultimate Repack/Server/Apache/config/httpd and find

[code]ServerName localhost:80[/code]

change localhost:80 to yourdns.example.com:80.
4.Your site should be public now, make sure apache is running though.


Common Problems.

When i start mysql it says "do you alreayd have another mysqld port running on port 3306"?
Answer: Open up task manager (Alt+Delete+ctrl) and find the process mysqld-nt.exe and end it. then start mysql up.

When i start mysql it says "Cannot find system file Ac web ultimate repack/server/mysql/share/english/errmsg.sys"?
Answer: You didnt install the repack in the right place, move the folder to your C: drive.

When i start apache it says "Cannot bind to port 0:0:0:80" (thats not exact...i forgot the exact error message it gives you)
Answer: that means some program is taking up port 80 on your comp. for example skype can take up that port so you just have to find what is using it and end it.

when i start logonserver it says "main mysql database inizilaztion failed"?
Answer: you need mysql running properly.

When i start logonserver it says " 10061 Cannot connect to root@localhost!"
Answer: open logon.conf and make sure the info is correct.

When i start ascent it says "10061 Cannot connect to root@localhost!"
Answer: Open ascent.conf and check the database info.

When i start ascent it says "Authentication failed, will try to connect to logonserver in 10"
Answer: Open ascent.conf and logon.conf and make sure the "<Remote password" is right. when you download the repack they should be both ascent though.

Im getting realm looping...how can I fix it?
Answer: Well what i did to fix it was make a second realm with the address of my internal ip.

When i die it starts me at the dun morugh graveyard, what do i do?
Answer : You didn't extract the maps... read the tutorial again.

Areas dont give me xp when i discover them, also they don't revel on the map.
Answer : You didn't extract the maps... read the tutorial again.

When i start ascent I get an access violation and ascent closes very fast.
Answer : Update your database to the latest rev.

When i log on the game it says i enter the wrong password or username.
Answer : Login with Admin Admin.

Ad.exe closes as soon as i start it.
Answer : Make sure you extracted the maps folder to your wow directory (That or just create a new folder called maps in your wow directory)

When i try to add an item to my bag it says it doesnt exist.
Answer : In ascent you can no longer make items with an id over 200000 unless you compile ascent yourself.

Control panel gives me an application error.
Answer : Start the programs mysql, apache, logon, and ascent manually.

I start some of my programs in the repack I get an error that says MSVP71.DLL/MSVR61.dll
Answer : Download MSVCR71 and MSVCP71 and put them in your ascent folder. (I'll admit i got these links from Newbie12)


Additional Information.
To mod your level do .mod level <level>
To morph do .mod displayid <display id>... To find display ids go up to an npc and do .npc info.
To get ids for spells, items, npcs, quests,factions, etc go to http://wowhead.com and search for the thing you want and then in the url it should be like http://www.wowhead.com/?item=##### the number you see in the url is the id.
To raise Reputation do .setstandings <Factionid> 900000.

Mini Tutorials.

Custom Items

Im going to do this the long way.
1. Go to http://wow-v.com, register and go to tools > any armor or weapon you want to make.
2. Once you make it and click submit, it tells you to save the sql file at the bottom, save it anywhere, just remeber where it is. One tip: The display id isnt the entry id, they are different.
3. Open your database manager, open your ascent database and go to Query.
4. Click load, new query, open, whatever it says that gives you the option to open a file.
5. It brings up a window where you insert the link to the file you downloaded. click on the ... and find the file. then press ok.
6. Navigate to load, or run... i havent used sqlyog, and i've only used heidisql once so I don't really know what it says.
7. Once you click the icon to load the sql file it should say something like "Affected rows: 1
Time: 0.000ms"
8. now go ingame and do .reload items or restart your server.
*Note* Dont use an id over 200000 for items

Custom Portals

Heres a guide on how to make portals.
1. Go to the area you want to make a portal to and do .gps, that gives you coords and the mapid for the desired place.
2. Open your ascent database and open teleport_coords.
3. Since you cant make new teleport coords unless you use lua we are going to edit one.
4. Find a row and change it to look like this
[code]Id = Leave this the same!!!!!!!! Name = A name for it Mapid = Enter the mapid it gave you when you did .gps. PositionX = The X position it gave you when you did .gps. PositionY = The Y position it gave you when you did .gps. PositionZ = The Z position it gave you when you did .gps. Totrigger = 0[/code]
5. Save it and exit out of that table.
6. Open the table gameobject_names and make a new row.
7. make it look like this.

[code]Entry = Any id you want Type = 22 Display id = A display id of any go...it could be a normal portal or a flag that teleports you,etc. Spellfocus = The id you used in teleport_coords. Sounds + Unknowns = Leave em all 0[/code]

8. Restart your server and do .go spawn <id of the go you made>!

Going into raid instances while playing alone
1. Open your ascent database and open the table worldmap_info.
2. find the raid/map you want to change so you can just walk through without it saying "You need to be in a raid group to enter"
3. Change the type of it to 2.
4. Save it, and do .reload worldmap_info, you may need to delete your cache folder.

Change starting zones
1. Open your ascent database and open the table playercreateinfo.
2. The info you need to change is Mapid, PositionX, Y, and Z
3. Go to the area ingame you want the races to start at and do .gps.
4. Now change the info in those columns to the coords and mapid it gave you when you did .gps.
5. TIP To see which races you want starting where, heres a list.

[code]1 human 2 orc 3 dwarf 4 nightelf 5 undead 6 tauren 7 gnome 8 troll 9 goblin 10 blood elf 11 dreanei[/code]

Enjoy your server!  ;D
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this is exactly like Absolute Zero's tutorial on ac-web.org

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really cause clain posted it  ???
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nice but you ar not clain so  :o


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plz help me, i am getting wow "read" memory error. is it maps r sumthin?


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any of you guys can help me i did everything and then when i create my character and click enter world, nothing happens after the loading bar fills its just stuck there. Did i do something wrong?


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can someone link a place for me to download SQL for windows vista. the link posted at the top gives me a version that is giving me errors. their website is confusing on which version to choose for your system.



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can someone link a place for me to download SQL for windows vista. the link posted at the top gives me a version that is giving me errors. their website is confusing on which version to choose for your system.


SQL means Structured Query Language and is a language u need SQLyog or Navicat to handle ur database

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