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Helbreath Hacks: T-Search/Cheat-Engine

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This is not WPE but I can't find other section where this would fit better.
I'm sure only some of you know helbreath. I post this here hoping that you know some other hacks too. I'm looking for crit range and instant cast. Post here if you got.

All these hacks are from www.unadvised.net
1. You Must use 1 byte search in helbreath!
2. Rename T-Seach.exe to some other name since helbreath detects it by exe name (how pathetic is that). eg. Tsearch.exe-> renamedfilelol12.exe and you are ready to roll.

T-Search / Cheat-Engine
Trade Hack


A memory editor (I'm using Tsearch)
An IQ higher than 50.

.Load Helbreath and have a friend meet you in some place quiet.
.Alt+Tab to your memory editor.
.Open your Helbreath client ready for searching.
.In your memory editor, search for the value "255" (1 byte).

.Alt+Tab into Helbreath and open a trade window with your buddy.
.Alt+Tab back to your memory editor, and search "Has Changed".
.Alt+Tab back to Helbreath and close the trade window.
.Alt+Tab back to your memory editor and search "255" (1 byte).

You should be left with about 20 memory addresses.
Set hotkeys for these addresses to change the values to "255".

Open a trade window with the person you wish to use the trade hack on.
When both items are in the trade and you are pretty sure the other person has clicked exchange, press your hotkey ( eg ctrl+alt+t ) and it will remove your item from the trade window. Press exchange quickly, before the other player has the chance the cancel.

Log-Out Hack


1. Load up Helbreath. login with your character, open TSearch. Search 255

2. Log-Out, look at the number which is logging ect. "Logging out... 2"

3. Alt+Tab into TSearch and click Search Next> type in the number you last saw in the log-out counter.

4. You should be left with one value, dounle click on this. And Edit a HotKey eg: CTR+L, and set the value to "0"

5. If you did this right go into helbreath and try "CTR+L" if your instantly log-out congratz

Also make sure you are doin a 1 byte search or it wont work

By bolex17



I use tsearch dont forget to rename the .exe to something else i.e (ts.exe)
Or HB will detect it and you wont be able to play

You will need 2 items one you can fullswing (dagger) and one you cant (flam)

1. Log in and equip a dagger alt tab out to tsearch and search for the value of zero (1byte)

2. Go back to helbreath and equip a flam go back to tsearch and search for values that have increased

repeat until you have one value, freeze that value at zero you should be able to full swing anything you can hold now

If you have problems narrowing it down to 1 value and have like 20 or so. Look for the addresses that have low values beside them when you equip your flam (like 6 or less) and try testing each one till you found the correct value.

By Xiaro

Fly Hack ("Getting critted by warrior" effect)


0 = standing still
1 = walking
2 = running
7 = flying
9+ = picking up item

1st. stand still in hb, and open up tsearch, then search 0, 1byte

2nd. click accross the screen while walking, then search for 1

3rd. the same thing for running and search for 3

4th. do this untill you have a few values

5th. save it, and change it to 7 and freeze

by binarydata

Helbreath Values



1 = stats page
2 = inventory your items
3 = magic list (yours)
4 = are you sure you want to drop this
5 = nothing
6 = notice "battle area"
7 = main guild menu
8 = blank guild menu
9 = nothing
10 = chat history
11 = blank shop
12 = level up settings
13 = city hall menu
14 = warehouse items in storage
15 = skills page
16 = magic shop menu buying
17 = menu for amount of gold you want to drop
18 = notice page start up
19 = settings page
20 = shop menu
21 = blank page
22 = nothing
23 = nothing
24 = fishing %
25 = blank page
26 = nothing
27 = exchange window
28 = blank page "Quest" title
29 = nothing
30 = nothing
31 = sell window
32 = party window
33 = blank page
34 = blank page "Item Upgrade" title
35 = main menu
36 = crusade commander window
37 = crusade constructor window
38 = crusade soldier window
39 = nothing
40 = nothing
41 = nothing
42 = nothing
43 = slate window
44 = nothing
45 = revival window


0 = Stand still
1 = walk
2 = run
3 = bow attack
4 = magic casting
5 = picking up
6 = normal hit
7 = critical walk
8 = slash bow
9 = nothing
10 = sleeping

Weapon Attack Speed
0 = Fullswing speed
1-7 = Slow swing

by charlie

Cast spells anywhere in the same map

1. Press spell name and look when ur char starts to pronounce the spell name. DON'T cast eyet!
2. Go to WPE and start logging packets.
3. Go to game and cast the spell.
4. Go to WPE and stop recording
5. Look for the casting packet (23 bytes long? mayby can't remember). If you cant be sure what it is you must do the capturing many times.
6. Press on the casting packed with right click and put "Set Send list with this socket id"
7. Press on the casting packed with right click and "Add to send list"

8. Enable the packet and press send packet.
9. You can set it to shoot like every 2 seconds. Go behind some house and you will be shooting to the spot you set the target.

written by aasi888
I read this somewhere else a long time ago.
Wowhead: It's not cheating if the Internet lets you do it!

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