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Release Title : WoW Emu Hacker
Game : World Of Warcraft
Release Type : Hack,Trainer
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Description :


Hunter Tracking             : When enabled to whatever setting you choose you will be able to track things like hunters do.
Herbs/Minerals/Treasure     : When enabled to whatever setting you choose you will be able to find herbs, Minerals, Treasure etc.
Speed Hack                  : There are different settings for speed as well as a "User Input" Mode which you can set your own.
Wall Climb  On/Off          : When Enabled this will allow you to Climb up Walls.
Fall Damage On/Off          : Turns off Fall Damage.
Teleport to Plane           : This function makes you invisible to any NPC or PC, you even disappear from their radar if they could track you. You warp to a plane where no one can touch you nor can you touch anyone. It's abit hard to navigate so I suggest you use the mini map for that.
Fly Mode                    : Lets you fly as if you where a GM with .fly mode on (like swimming in the air)
Levitate                    : Lets you Levitate you can go over water and you fall slower.
Normal                      : Default movement state (walking normal)
Gravity                     : Lets you alter the Gravity. This allows you to jump higher and so on etc. I Strongly suggest you use no fall damage with this as you might find your self suffering massive damage.
Teleport                    : You can add locations and select locations to teleport to. I Suggest you try and keep the teleports in between about half of the map to avoid possible problems.
*                           : Places the current Location in to the Teleport Box's.
Corpse                      : When dead it will teleport you to your corpse  or try to.
Spirit                      : When dead it will teleport you to the spirit healer.
Allow Model Hacks           : To use this, you must start WoWEmuHacker before you log-in and enable this feature. If your default char is not
                              The model which you are editing you can enable the feature before entering the realm. I strongly suggest enabling before
                              you log-in to avoid any client problems that might arise if it detects patch.mpq's it does not agree with.
No Clip                     : When Enabled you can use the defined hotkey to inch your self forward into objects/Through walls etc.

P to P Teleport             : This feature is for use in close range teleporting. You can setup 3 locations
                              by using the Defined hotkeys and then teleporting by using defined hotkeys
                              Main uses are for PVP or kiting.

Water Breathing             : As the name says this option will allow you to breath underwater. This option also enables you to stay mounted in water.
                              You Might also find this option allows you to do some other things as well.
Get Loc                     : I have been ware of a bug which has caused WoWEmuHacker to randomly Crash after zoning etc, So I have removed the auto updated
                              Current Loc function, and replaced it with a Get Loc button. I figure that the avg player does not just sit around
                              watching the numbers anyway. Hit this button, and it will return your current location.

Controls :
List                          : Opens up the teleport list dialog box.
Select Process          : Use this when you have started WoWEmuHacker before starting wow to select the process. *Note: This is not needed if you are starting wow using the "Start WoW" Option*
Start WoW               : Use this if you need to launch wow patched for Model Hacks/Edits. It will start the wow.exe you select and patch it before it starts up. Ideal for DBC type model edits.
Setup HotKeys         : WoWEmuHacker allows you to setup hotkeys to do a wide array of things, and to control WEH options, from here you can setup your keys.
Help                        : As the name says it will display a help box with info such as posted above.

New Features Include:

Faction - Allows you to alter your faction and attack people of your race while you/they are pvp flagged or you can attack NPCs of your faction.

Rosetta Stone - As the name says it allows you to understand all languages.

Air Jump - This feature allows you to double jump / climb in the air or over objects using jump rather then flying etc.

Release Notes & Download Links :

Version - Released 2010-02-03
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0.5.0 -> World Of Warcraft -> 3.3.0a

Supports Version 3.3.0a of wow
Version - Released 2009-10-09
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0.4.9a -> World Of Warcraft -> 3.2.2a

Updated for 3.2.2a client and Added a new hotkey.

Fixed a typo in release which caused WEH to report unsupported version for 3.2.2a when it was being started after wow was active.
Version - Released 2009-09-10
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0.4.8a -> World Of Warcraft -> 3.2.0 & 3.2.0a

added support for both 3.2.0 NA versions
Version - Released 2009-06-08
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0.4.7 -> World Of Warcraft -> 3.1.2 & 3.1.3

Fixed Goto Corpse/Spirit Healer for 3.1.1/a
Added Support for 3.1.2 & 3.1.3 WoW Clients
Version - Released 2009-05-31
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0.4.6 -> World Of Warcraft -> 3.1.1

supports 3.1.1 & 3.1.1a
Version - Released 2009-03-05
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0.4.5 -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.0 - 3.0.9

Added 3.0.9
Version Final - Released 2009-02-09
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0.4.4 Final -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.0 - 3.0.8a

This versions supports client 3.0.8 and 3.0.8a
Version 5.0.4 - Fix - Released 2008-12-23
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0.4 - Fix -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.0 - 3.0.3

Fixed a small problem in Version 5.0.3 which would report "Unsupported" when using the "Launch WoW" Feature.

If you downloaded the non Fix version there was an issue when using WoW Clients lower then 3.0.3, if you do not intend on using Clients below 3.0.3 then you don't need the fix.
Version 5.0.3 Final - Released 2008-12-08
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0.3 Final -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.0 - 3.0.3

Added support for WoW 3.0.3, Please note that Gravity is disabled while using 3.0.3
Version 5.0 Final - Released 2008-09-06
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0 Final -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.0, 2.4.2, 2.4.3

New Features for public version include:

Air Jump,
Support for Arigitys Modded WEH.
Teleport List,
Quick Add Location,
Faction Changer,
And More.
Version 5.0 Beta - Released 2008-08-13
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v5.0 Beta -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.3, 2.4.2, 2.4.0

Current Public Release of WoWEmuHacker 5.0 Beta
Version 4.4.1 - Released 2008-06-07
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v4.4.1 -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.2

Added WEH Version 4.4.1 for 2.4.2

This version only adds a few attempts at bug fixes:

Added/Fixed : On program startup the program has a more correct checking system for backgrounds, and has an error message now to help find the issue.. if it
still exists.

Changed : Start WoW, when you don't have a path stored it will now tell you to use the Find button rather then have garbage\wow.exe in the box. Also
removed the save box as it now auto saves after using the find to locate the exe.

Changed : Some internal code tweaks and junk, I plan to do an overhaul of the code in the near future once my AoC VIP project and AoC Public project is
Version 4.3.3 - Released 2008-05-16
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v4.3.3 -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.2

WoWEmuHacker Releases - 05/14/08
� on: December 21, 2007, 08:41:12 pm �

Added Version for 2.4.2 05/14/08
Adjusted WEH for use with WoW Client 2.4.2
Changed: Changed some internal code which I hope will make things work better.
Changed: GUI; Hide the Language options as they are disabled at this time.
Changed: GUI; Added a BG Sel drop box to allows users to select a new Background for WEH, current BGs are : Female mage (default), DeathSoft Logo, Black, Blue
User BG. User BG uses a BMP which is to be placed in the WEH folder and be named "MyWEHBackground.bmp" with out the "" the size of the BMP
should be 368x530. In same rare cases some windows system alter the size of the program and that size might not be correct the WEHLog.txt file
should hold the X Y size if this is the case for you; just resize the bmp and it should fit.
Added: I have added Hotkeys for X Axis Increase/Decrease and Y Axis Increase,Decrease.
Changed: WEH settings are now stored in the system registry. the New Hotkey file will be saved inside your windows folder.
Fixed: The start wow option was ment to save the location of the WoW.exe file for easy launch ability however it was causing problems and not storing
correctly , I have fixed this problem and it should work fine now.
Version 4.3.2 - Released 2008-04-06
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v4.3.2 -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.1

This Version was designed for use with WoW client 2.4.1.
Version 4.3.1 - Released 2008-04-06
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v4.3.1 -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.4.0

This release is designed to work with WoW Client 2.4.0.
Version 4.3 Beta 4 - Released 2007-12-14
*DOWNLOAD* WoW Emu Hacker v4.3 Beta 4 -> World Of Warcraft -> 2.3.3

The Latest release is 01/27/08 which support 2.1.3, 2.2.3, 2.3.0, 2.3.2, & 2.3.3 download from the links provided.

WoWEmuHacker 4.3 Beta 4 01/16/2008 Release for WoW 2.3.2

WoWEmuHacker 4.3 Beta 4 01/16/2008 Release for WoW 2.3.0

WoWEmuHacker 4.3 Beta 4 01/16/2008 Release for WoW 2.2.3

WoWEmuHacker 4.3 Beta 4 01/16/2008 Release for WoW 2.1.3

WoWEmuHacker is a Trainer Hack for WorldOfWarcraft Emulation servers.
This hack allows you to do a verity of different things which you would not normally be able to do, please read below for more info.

WoWEmuHack is the sole creation Devalina of Deathsoft.com.

I would like to thank all users of WoWEmuhacker for your support and suggestions.
I would like to especially thank Chazwazza over at www.mmowned.com for posting
his work on model edit fixing which is the base for the feature : Allow model hacks.