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Release Title : GuildWars G15 Applet
Game : Guild Wars
Release Type : G15 Applet
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Description :

Logitech G15 LCD Keyboard mod for Guild Wars.

Release Notes & Download Links :

Version 2.1 - Released 2009-09-24
*DOWNLOAD* GuildWars G15 Applet v2.1 -> Guild Wars -> 28.417+

Updated Applet to work with current client 28.417
Version 2.1 - Released 2009-05-02
*DOWNLOAD* GuildWars G15 Applet v2.1 -> Guild Wars -> 27.858

Updated for client 27.858+
Version 2.1 - Released 2008-05-09
*DOWNLOAD* GuildWars G15 Applet v2.1 -> Guild Wars -> 25.785+

Version 2.1
I have released a new version of the Test release for the GW G15 Applet.
In this version I have imported my Tabula Rasa file scan function which now makes a GW update scan take approx half a second. (big improvement)
I have added a Date - time Display at the top of the LCD screen, I have also added a Button 3 + 4 instant shutdown function, & cleaned up the code a bit.
I also removed a display error which would show Game Wrong version in the Game Not Found display, everything should now display correctly.

This versions Date file is setup for GW v25.785