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Release Title : WPE - Modified
Game : Miscellaneous
Release Type : Hack,Packet editor
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Description :

WPE is a tool that allows you to monitor & alter packets from a target program.

Release Notes & Download Links :

Version 0.9a - Released 2007-12-15
*DOWNLOAD* WPE - Modified v0.9a -> Miscellaneous -> Any

A Large amount of people find using WPE a bit of a problem, either they don't have PermEdit or they just find it annoying to have to set the privileges
each time they start WPE.

Well I have made life easier for all you WPE Users out there. I have Created a DLL and patched it to be loaded by WPE Pro,
as a result WPE now using my DLL auto sets its own privileges and there by no longer needs the use of PermEdit.

Full credit for WPE Pro goes to its creator.
You can visit the official WPE Pro site Here

I have not altered anything beyond a few bytes in WPE pro to have it load my DLL.
I suggest when using WPE you disable your anti virus as it will most likely detect it as some sort of nasty software.

I am attaching the Modded version which includes my DLL to the bottom of this post.